“I had a goal to make fitness regular fitness a priority especially as noticed I was getting injured and developing a “menopausal muffin top”. Claire is able to deal with injury and build recovery into a training program. She is anatomically very skilled allowing her to make effective adjustments  — sometimes just a small change makes a work out more challenging. In addition, Claire is fun and upbeat. I think she measures her success by how many f-bombs I drop as we train!  I would highly recommend Claire as a top notch trainer.”  – Joyce J.


Working with Claire over the past couple of years has been great! She is both very fun and very professional. I wanted to work with someone who could help me keep my weight in a comfortable place, and help me keep fit. And we achieve and maintain both!
I really appreciate how Claire changes the work out on the fly based on my chronic or acute aches and pains. I think she really takes the time to listen and think about what will benefit me the most and bring me to my goal.  In the past I have thought that my trainers had little patience for adjusting my workouts because of these issues and I have always felt supported with Claire. I know she’s got ME in mind. I love all the small tweaks she makes to my exercises so they feel just right for me. I was in a car accident that really hurt my shoulder and I have very physical work, Claire helped me figure out some stretches and exercises to reduce my pain and strengthen this area. Looking forward to continuing to work with Claire, and I highly recommend her to everyone!” – Ana G.


“I have been a client of Claire’s for over 2 years and I am very happy to recommend her as a personal trainer.
She is warm, personable with a great sense of humour  and an excellent personal trainer.  She understands the body very well and works to tailor each session to your needs and abilities.
At my advanced age of 75, this is very important as it is at any age.
My focus has been on strength and balance and I can feel my improvements.  I can lift my 7 month old grandson without difficulty.

She continues to learn and bring her ideas to all aspects of health.  
I would recommend her highly.” – Dr Ingrid Pacey


“I have an office job that involves a lot of sitting. My goals for fitness were to build muscle strength and endurance so that I wouldn’t get out of breath taking a flight of stairs, and to improve my core in order to avoid injury. 
We all know exercise is good for our bodies, but beyond that I find my training sessions with Claire helps me cope with stress and helps my sleep. 
With a more than full-time job and a family, I find it difficult to find the time to exercise. It’s so easy to just keep working. I know my running shoes would gather dust if I didn’t have my regular sessions with Claire. 
I used to think personal training was a luxury, but it’s not — it makes a huge difference in all aspects of my life. Being fit just makes everything else that comes our way just a little bit easier to handle. 
One of my favourite results is that I can carry heavy groceries up and down my stairs and not get winded. (Bonus: whenever I can’t fall asleep, trying to recall the last set of exercises I did with Claire usually does the trick.)
Claire is so easygoing and flexible — if there’s something causing me discomfort she easily adjusts the routine to accommodate. She cares about her clients’ successes and constantly challenges us. Workouts with Claire are not easy, but she makes them fun and keeps changing things up. 
If you’re thinking about choosing Claire as your personal trainer, just go for it. You’ll ask yourself why you didn’t get started earlier.” – Anita W.